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Flirt4Free has been a staple on the internet for years now. Indeed, to many people live sex cams are synonmous with flirt4free. As such, the provide one of the most polished, comprehensive, and easy to use live sex cam sites.
All the professionalism, not to mention advertising, comes with a hefty price, however. At an average cost of $6 a minute for private chat, flirt4free is one of the most expensive live sex web sites on the market today.
Flirt4Free uses Java to deliver it's audio and video streams. The video motion is not perfect, but smooth enough to not be distracting, and on par with the competition.
The interface is well written, and bar none the website provides the most enjoyable experience in live sex cams possible today. If you don't mind paying the price, flirt4free provides a great, easy to use system. No complaints there ( except for it's tendency to complain ifyou are not browsing their web site full screen... that gets annoying).
However, what you really care about are the models, and girls just as good can be found at other, cheaper, sites.

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